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Making A Strong Christian Nation by Pastor Steven Andrew

God’s Solutions to America’s Challenges Blessings and Curses: Our Founding Fathers warned that blessings and curses for nations are real. Both are Divinely instituted by God. The USA can tap into our blessings and please God. Who wouldn’t want our nation righteous, strong, and leading the world as a strong Christian nation? Where is America Today? Americans have more problems and challenges than ever. All resulting from God’s judgment that upon the affluent, the dwindling middle-class, and the impoverished. We see judgment for foreign gods, lukewarm churches, immorality and greed. These are big spiritual problems. God wants to show mercy to the USA instead of greater judgment to our nation. So many Americans are suffering. It is time to decide once more between blessings and curses, and life and death. Which do you prefer? Think about the many blessings God had given to earlier generations of Americans for living for God and country. What is it going to take for God’s healing of the USA? The answers are found in this book, “Making a Strong Christian Nation”. “Making A Strong Christian Nation” is the only book that will heal the USA, other than the Holy Bible, because it is based on Scripture and what our Founding Fathers said and did. Get a copy for you and your pastor today. Pastor Steven Andrew Biography Pastor Steven Andrew is the president of USA Christian Ministries. He is author of inspiring books . As a frequent guest on radio and television and often in the news, Pastor Steven shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His ministry unites the USA in Christ, brings national repentance, affirms the USA’s covenant with God and leads Christians to seek God first in practical ways. Pastor Steven Andrew has been featured on: Charisma  MSNBC  Washington Post  Elijah List  – Black Christian News  –USA NEWS FIRST  Examiner  WND  and more “A must read for every Christian in America” USA NEWS FIRST MASCN     MASCN     ISBN-13: 9780977955077 ISBN: 0977955079