Save America

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Across the USA, people’s lives and families are at stake because of our national sins of false gods, homosexuality, abortion and others. God brought Israel into captivity for their disobedience, so we are in an emergency situation, according to the Bible.

Re-affirming our covenant to follow God as a nation is how to protect yourself (2 Chronicles 15 and 34). Steven Andrew is leading the nation to God in covenant. Will you consider donating to this most urgent need to save the USA?

You can reaffirm covenant with these 7 Bible Truths:

1. The LORD is the God of the USA

2. Seek God – personally and as a nation

3. Obey the Holy Bible – personally and as a nation

4. Have no king but King Jesus

5. Make disciples of the USA

6. Turn away from everything against Jesus Christ

7. Restore the Cross and receive forgiveness for the USA’s sins

We are to remember that God is holy. Now, pray this prayer.

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The USA is exceptional because our Christian founders dedicated America to God. The Bible says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” (Psalm 33:12). Our “one nation under God” covenant through Jesus Christ is what made us the number one nation, with liberty, abundance and peace. But because of people not following God like our founders did, we see terrorism, the largest debt in history, leaders who hate America and division. The USA is in great danger and we must save America. Only turning to God will end God’s judgment for our sins; nothing else will work.

1) Join These Groups to Save the USA
For the whole nation to join together, Steven Andrew, pastor of USA Christian Church, has started important teams. You will make a difference by becoming part of these groups below. Churches are also invited to join.

2) Become a Partner to Heal Our Land
Steven Andrew is starting 25 ministries to save the USA. Thanks to God, we are already seeing amazing results, with over one million people who have prayed for salvation or rededicated their lives to God. By becoming a monthly partner or giving a generous one time amount, you will be an important part in changing lives.

Reclaim the USA for God

Reclaim the USA for God

The USA’s Covenant with God Do you want God’s protection, jobs and prosperity, and…

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