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Which presidential candidate would God bless the USA the most with? The American Political Index (API) is a 2016 election guide based on what the Bible says about choosing leaders. This “How is a Christian to Vote Guide” shows how closely a political candidate is to our founding fathers. The most critical issue in the 2016 election is to do God’s will and vote for Christians that believe like our founding fathers, who insist to have Christian religious liberty so we can serve the LORD freely and end the persecution of Christians.

American – Christian Voting Guide

The higher a candidate’s score means the greater God will bless the USA.  Liberty, better jobs and God’s protection come from higher scores. Helping those with lower scores, or those unqualified, means more troubles for our nation from God’s judgment for disobeying His Word, as well as unjust laws against God. This chart also shows what percentage of a true American the person is. See the Bible verses below after the candidates.

Candidate Overall Rating Fears God Demands to Have Christian Religious Liberty Insists to Have God-given Rights Truthful Hates Covetousness
1) Mike Huckabee 89% (B+) 89% 89% 89% 90% 88%
2) Rand Paul 82% (B-) 74% 74% 90% 85% 89%
3) Ben Carson 78% (C+) 74% 74% 79% 80% 81%
Judge Roy Moore
Not running – an example of who God would bless the USA the most with.
99% (A+) 100% 97% 100% 100% 99%
Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders (F) Biblically unqualified – do not fear God. See references below.
Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio (N/A) Constitutionally unqualified – not a natural born citizen. The Constitution is the law of the land, after the Holy Bible.

Political Candidate References

  • Mike Huckabee
    Demands to have religious liberty
    As Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee balanced the budget for 10 years

    Says Supreme Court can’t make laws (i.e. same-sex marriage) – Huckabee defends the Constitution
    Rallied for Kim Davis to have right to obey conscience
    Gaining God’s favor, promises pro-life administration, which removes a significant amount of God’s judgment
    Believes the 2nd Amendment protects our nation and people, says “sin and evil” are behind the shootings 
  • Rand Paul
    Insists strongest to have God-given rights
    Pro-life leader
    onest – follows the Constitution
  • Ben Carson
    Sins with civil unions and Constitutional protections for gays
    Doesn’t believe only a Christian should be president
    Thinks government can force vaccinations against the Constitution
  • Donald Trump
    Mocks God by including transgenders in the Miss USA beauty pageant
    would persecute Christians since Trump thinks same-sex marriage is the law of the land
    Doesn’t know Bible verses, mocks communion
    Known for covetousness
  • Carly Fiorina
    Would persecute Christians since Fiorina thinks government can force homosexual sin
    Not able – while leading HP the stock dropped 50% and 28,000 people were fired before Fiorina was fired according to HP’s co-founder’s granddaughter
  • Jeb Bush
    Not known for fearing God, the Bush family is generally for gay sin and abortion and Jeb does not publicly rebuke them
  • Chris Christie
    Made law against rehabilitating homosexual children
  • Hillary Clinton
    Mocks God by abortion and homosexual sin support
    Lied about emails, Kept emails on private server without government safeguards
  • Joe Biden
    Mocks God by abortion and homosexual sin support
  • Bernie Sanders
    Known socialist / communist, which means loss of freedoms and tyranny
  • Check this website for updates (information is preliminary and subject to being updated)

Featured Political Video: Mike Huckabee Talking Like Founding Fathers

Explanation of God’s 5 Biblical Qualifications for Choosing Leaders

The LORD is sovereign and each of us give an account to Him, so it is our duty to obey the Holy Bible. God’s will is for us to choose representatives at all levels of government, from school boards to the president, who:

  1. Are Christians Who Fear God
    • “He that rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.” 2 Samuel 23:3
    • “you shall provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God… and place such over them, to be rulers” Exodus 18:21
    • “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteous-ness?… Therefore come out from among them… and I will receive you…” 2 Corinthians 6:14-18
  2. Demand Christian Religious Liberty
    • “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.” Matthew 4:10
    • “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free” Galatians 5:1
  3. Insist We Have Our God-given Rights
    • “in the image of God He created him” Genesis 1:27
    • “proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof” Leviticus 25:10
  4. Are Truthful
    • “men of truth” Exodus 18:21
  5. Hate Covetousness Exodus 18:21
    • “hating covetousness” Exodus 18:21

How can we end the persecution of Christians if pastors don’t teach the Biblical truth on voting? We know that John Hancock, George Washington, John Adams, John Jay, and our founding fathers fulfill these Biblical requirements and they learned them from the highly respected American Revolution pastors. To heal our land, help share these qualifications and voting guide with everyone you can. It is important because God is not with politicians who do not fear Him (2 Chronicles 15:2 & 19:2).

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For Further Study on Biblical Voting

A more detailed explanation with examples of these 5 Biblical qualifications for leaders is:

  1. Are Christians Who Fear God (2 Samuel 23:3, Exodus 18:21, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18)
    • Their goal is the true American Dream that “we all came to these parts… to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ,” as the New England Confederation affirmed about America.
    • They believe God is sovereign and the LORD is our Lawgiver, Judge, and King, as our founding fathers say to believe (Isaiah 33:22).
    • Obeying God, they call for the Holy Bible and Christian prayer to be in schools, are pro-life, and approve of traditional marriage only (Matthew 5:21, 2 Peter 2:6, Isaiah 59:21).
    • As Jesus Christ serves the church, they serve Americans (Luke 22:26).
    • They believe that our national security is first by trusting in God, as our national motto, In God We Trust, affirms (Mark 12:31, Psalm 121:1 & 146:3-5).
    • Like our founders, they have a Christian view of the USA’s war policy, which is defensive (just cause) and only permits wars which are non-aggressive. If in a war, they work to quickly win the war.
  2. Demand Christian Religious Liberty (Matthew 4:10, Galatians 5:1)
    • Obeying God, they call for Christian religious liberty throughout the USA (Matthew 4:10). The LORD is the one true God, our Creator, and our Judge; He is holy and He justly opposes strange gods that mislead people to darkness, sin, and hell (Exodus 20:5).
    • They understand that the Constitution was written by Christians to protect Christians so we can serve the LORD.
    • Living to glorify God, they understand that if Moses had stood up for any religious liberty, such as freedom to worship another god as Baal, then God would not have been with Moses and likely would have killed Moses (Exodus 32).
  3. Insist We Have Our God-given Rights (Genesis 1:27, Leviticus 25:10)
    • Since we know the Declaration of Independence affirms that our rights are endowed by our Creator and can never be surrendered, they often mention, in proper context, the Declaration of Independence to affirm that Americans always have our unalienable rights.
    • They are known for defending our God-given rights of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, property, and conscience.
  4. Are Truthful (Exodus 18:21)
    • They are known for being honest not liars.
    • Following the Constitution, they don’t limit our rights, but they limit the powers of our civil servants (the president, congress, courts, and government workers). They condemn all unconstitutional acts.
  5. Hate Covetousness (Exodus 18:21)
    • They refuse to take what belongs to “We the People”.
    • With verifiable histories, they prove that they are effective at eliminating unjust taxes and cutting debts.
    • As the Bible teaches, they promote self-government.
    • Knowing God rewards obedience, they have faith that God will again bless the USA with abundance for following His Word (Matthew 6:33, Deuteronomy 28).

To learn more, read “God’s Plan for the USA” by Rev. Steven Andrew to also discover 7 Bible Keys that guarantee God will bless you and end His judgment on our nation. A revealing American history excerpt on Biblical voting from this book is:

Chief Justice John Jay knew these verses and said to “select and prefer Christians for [our] leaders”. Known as the Schoolmaster of the Republic, Noah Webster, taught the political Bible verses to American school children, “It is alleged by men of loose principles, or defective views of the subject, that [Christian] religion and morality are not necessary or important qualifications for political stations. But the Scriptures teach a different doctrine. They direct that rulers should be men who rule in the fear of God, able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness… [Exodus 18:21]”

“When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers, ‘just men who will rule in the fear of God.’ [2 Samuel 23:3] The preservation of government depends on the faithful discharge of this Duty…”


The first act of Congress is Christian prayer in Jesus’ name and reading the Holy Bible