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Steven Andrew has been called the Facebook pastor and was asked to run for president by social media fans. He reached as many as one million people on a post. However, he believes Facebook censored 21 million people from him since November, because he takes a Christian stand. Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church and author of “Jesus Makes America Great”.

He contacted Facebook about the censoring, but the company brushed it off.

Andrew’s analysis showed he reached 4.6 million people per 28 days in October/November 2016. But now his posts are shown to about 600,000 people per 28 days. That is about one million less people per week. This means just 1 – 2% of people see an average post, which is just 14% of those who saw posts before.

Andrew already thought he was being censored, since he reached up to 8 million people a month before with the Gospel.

Facebook shows the messages were cut on November 28, 2016, which is about 20 weeks ago.  That is a reduction of an estimated 20 million people. The censoring resulted in slower growth and ~30,000 fewer “Likes” of the “Pastor Steven Andrew” page.


“Facebook censoring Christianity affects our sharing the Gospel and fundraising to end the persecution of Christians,” Andrew said. He has seen over 1.2 million people pray to become a Christian or rededicate their lives to God.

“Millions of less people had an opportunity to give to help start our 25 ministries to defend Christianity,” Andrew said. He needs to raise $5.7 million to start these ministries to protect Christians and lead nationwide revival.

Facebook didn’t publish some scheduled posts. This included supportive messages about President Donald Trump.

The censoring started after Facebook said they were going after “Fake news” in November. “It is wrong if Facebook considers Christianity and support of President Trump Fake news,” Andrew said.

Andrew hopes Facebook will uncensor him.

To keep in more frequent contact with Andrew, he asks people to sign up for the One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side email.

“It would be one thing if Facebook admitted they block Christianity, but they give the impression they are a platform for all people,” he said.

Andrew’s new book, “Jesus Makes America Great,” shows how to make the USA safe, strong and prosperous by following Jesus Christ. The book is available wherever books are sold. He has a special offer to get “Jesus Makes America Great” and the longer version called “Save America” at the USA Christian Church website.

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