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Pastor Steven Andrew is leading a nation-wide campaign for traditional marriage called: “Will You Stand Up for God’s Marriage?” This includes advertising, teaching and tools for churches, schools and homes.

“Will You Stand Up for God’s Marriage?” is a Bible based campaign giving five Biblical reasons to stand up for God’s Marriage of one man and one woman. It is based on God’s grace and truth to lead the USA to love God, including repentance.

Your most generous support today makes a difference for God and Americans.

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“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together,
and running over will be put into your bosom.” Luke 6:38

       Mail checks to:

       USA Christian Ministries
       2059 Camden Ave #280
       San Jose, CA 95124

       To support with stocks, wills and other ways, email here.

Pastor Steven Andrew prays daily for all partners and also sends a monthly thank you gift.

FINANCIAL INTEGRITY: Pastor Steven Andrew followed God’s call to strengthen the church and left a high paying business career to start USA Christian Ministries. Even though USA Christian Ministries reaches millions of people, no one makes more than the average pastor in the USA for their work at USA Christian Ministries, book sales excluded. This means that no matter how large of financial support you give, Pastor Steven Andrew still makes the average pastor salary, which is approximately $78,000 a year plus some expenses. As you know it is urgent that Americans give all we can for the Lord and see His blessings. Thank you for giving to the LORD! 

25 MINISTRIES: Your financial support helps proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 25 ministries. Some ministries are already operational and others need more funding to start. These ministries include: God’s Marriage of one man and one woman and Bible teaching, discipleship, making this generation a strong Christian nation, electing God-fearing governments, strong families, a pro-life nation, national and individual prayer, the Holy Bible and Christian prayer back in schools, pastor training, evangelism and more.

TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK TRUTHFULLY FOR GOD POLITICALLY, USA CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES IS NOT A NON-PROFIT: If you are not aware, non-profits are asked to have unConstitutional restrictions contrary to the Gospel. Our Founding Fathers gave us a nation that includes God in government. The First Amendment says Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of [Christian] religion. One reason why the USA has seen the troubles and corruption is because, unlike our Founding Fathers and our Declaration of Independence, some Christians today do not speak the Gospel of Jesus Christ politically (i.e to call for Christian leaders). This is in part due to non-profit limitations on free speech. Money given to USA Christian Ministries is not tax deductible. Biblically, your whole offering is meant to go to the Lord, even the tax deduction. If you desire the equivalent of a “tax deduction” then subtract that amount before giving to USA Christian Ministries. That way you will get the equivalent amount of a “tax deduction” but faster. Thank you for giving your most generous support to the Lord.


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