Glenn Beck’s Covenant America is a Mormon Hijacking of Christian Truth

Pastor Steven Andrew

Why is Glenn Beck’s Covenant America being criticized? It isn’t for the attendees desiring the good of liberty and patriotism in covenant but for Beck’s non-Christian solution. “Instead of finding Christian truth and God’s liberty, the Covenant America attendees are unknowingly participating in a Mormon hijacking of the USA’s covenant with God,” says Pastor Steven Andrew, president of USA Christian Ministries.

The pastor continued, “Americans want liberty, especially after the news of the NSA spying on Americans, schools refusing children to write about God, inferior healthcare with Obamcare and Barack Obama persecuting Christians in the military. The problem is that Covenant America twists our Christian nation’s covenant with the Lord to promote Beck’s Mormonism.”

“Freedom comes by re-affirming covenant with the one true God, not the Mormon cult. Beck is trying to get Americans to break covenant by switching to a foreign god. This is a very dangerous scheme from Satan. Without following the Lord, there is no freedom,” he says.

Covenantv010“What many don’t know is Mormons think that Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer, men become “Gods” and Christians are inferior. George Washington, John Adams and our Founding Fathers would avoid Beck,” the pastor continued.

He says, “God will give liberty to the USA if Americans turn away from foreign gods, such as the Mormon cult, welcome God to government, be pro-life and have God’s Marriage only of one man and one woman.”

The pastor has studied American history intimately. His book, “Making A Strong Christian Nation,” teaches “The USA’s Covenant with God” based on Scripture and history.

He continues, “Beck and speaker Timothy Ballard have shared their Mormon beliefs. Doesn’t Jesus tell us that Beck and Ballard are wolves in sheep’s clothing with another Jesus?”

“If you want God to replace Obama with a Christian Government with liberty and lower taxes, then put Jesus first by calling for a Christian government. Obeying God gives Americans hope,” he said.

The pastor has a daily prayer email to sign up for at, a popular Facebook page to help Christians know God, and a free covenant print to share.

To re-affirm covenant, he asks Americans to pray:


The USA follows You, the LORD – We seek You and obey the Holy Bible with all our hearts and souls. Jesus is our King.

The USA:

1) Includes God in all government, schools, courts and military

– Works for a Christian government immediately

– Makes disciples of Jesus Christ of our children, puts the Holy Bible and Christian prayer back in school

– Unites as Christians,

– Refuses to be divided “right” and “left”

– Demands God’s unalienable rights, including Christian liberty

2) Is a Pro-life nation

3) Is a God’s Marriage only nation, repents of fornication, adultery and homosexual sin

4) Repents of covetousness and greed

5) Repents of the occult, witchcraft and any other sin. (1 John 1:9)

Forgive our sins by Jesus’ sacrifice. (1 John 1:7)

In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

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