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7 Bible Truths that our founders knew are the only way to save America from economic collapse, terrorism, attacks on freedom, political corruption, the persecution of Christians and God's judgment. There is hope! In "God's Plan for the USA" by Steven Andrew, you will discover the secrets that make America and how to be favored and blessed by God.

 Learn what the Bible says about current events and understand how national disobedience causes God's judgment. Yet, we can turn to God and have hope. With our nation's survival and the protection of our loved ones at stake, it is urgent that Christians and churches know and follow God's step-by-step plan. Get your copy of "God's Plan for the USA" right now. It is only $11.99.


Greg EscherPastor, Fort Bragg, California

Recommended for every Christian and pastor.

If you want to be part of the solution, God's Plan for the USA will show you how.

Josh Rhodes
West Virginia

I absolutely LOVED your book! I LOVED how much scripture you used in the book, and I absolutely agree with what you wrote.

THANK YOU for writing this book!

Learn the most powerful ways to freely serve the Lord, while gaining freedom  

  • Discover what God says to do to bring jobs back to our country and prevent an economic collapse
  • Learn the Bible's proven way to protect your loved ones from terrorism and other dangers
  • Learn why the USA is already under God's judgment and what you can do to turn things around
  • Identify the 7 beliefs of true American pastors
  • Learn the real Biblical reasons why the borders are open and why politicians have allowed terrorists to enter the country
  • See why applying the 7 Bible Truths to your life will make you a stronger Christian


The Roadmap to Christian Liberty, Survival, Better Jobs and Hope

This is the step-by-step blueprint for Christians and churches to take our country for God.

Paperback: ISBN 9780977955091

Hardcover: ISBN 9780977955053
eBook: ISBN 9780977955060

Table of Contents

In God's Plan for the USA, you will learn what current events mean according to God's Word. You will see what makes the USA exceptional and gain Biblical understanding of the real reason for the troubles that are going on. Then to help save our nation you will see how to apply 7 Bible Truths, our founders knew. You are needed for our country; by reading this book you will make a difference in seeing God's blessings and favor.

Introduction: The Crisis That Threatens the USA's Survival...

1. Do You Want the USA to Follow God?

2. Signs and Wonders of Judgment

3. First Truth—America's 7 Secrets: Choose the True God...

4. Second Truth—Seek... Find God

5. Third Truth—Live the Bible Way

6. Fourth Truth—Jesus Rules Our Nation

7. Fifth Truth—Disciple Hearts to Be Like Jesus

8. Sixth Truth—Victory Over Sin

9. Seventh Truth—God's Mercy and Forgiveness

10. First Truth Reprise—Covenant Blessings and Favor

Patriotism - Sign the Declaration of Independence


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the book based on the Bible?

The whole book is written on hundreds of scriptures. Steven Andrew is well-known for following the Word of God.

Can Bible Study groups and Churches use this?

Yes. Every chapter has summary and reflection questions for both personal and group settings.

How long did it take to write?

Steven Andrew sought God for 7 years while writing the book.

How many pages are there?

God's Plan for the USA is 148 pages, so you can know these 7 Bible Truths in a few hours.

How can I have hope that God will save the USA?

God keeps His word. This book uses scripture for the points. If we keep covenant, following God, He promises to save our nation.

Does the book cover current events?

Many news events are included based Bible verses. Steven Andrew explains what is really going on with this crisis affecting our future.

Are books returnable?

Due to warehouse storage limitations, all sales are final as of the time of this writing. The 7 Bible Truths in God's Plan for the USA will change your life and save our nation, so if you want to know God's will, then you will be satisfied.

Will God's Plan for the USA give me hope?

Steven Andrew wants you to live in hope knowing God is faithful to you. Following God's Word gives the greatest encouragement. Nothing else works but turning to God.

Are the founding fathers discussed?

One of Steven Andrew's expertise is a deep knowledge of our Christian founders. Short stories of our founders are in the book.

Who should read God's Plan for the USA?

This riveting book is for Christians and church workers who love God and America. It is for those who want Christian freedom and value God's blessings of better jobs, national security, happiness and peace.

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About Steven Andrew

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Steven Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church and chairman of the National Day of Prayer Revival Force. He helps millions of people walk close with God. Sharing God’s love with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, He teaches how to save America and advance Christianity. As a respected Christian leader and evangelist, building 25 ministries, he works with leading pastors and is often in the news answering today’s most perplexing national challenges with Biblical wisdom.


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