God’s State of the Union: Restoring God’s Blessings

Pastor Steven Andrew

Pastor Steven Andrew gave God’s State of the Union. The pastor’s message of hope is called, “Restoring God’s Blessings”. He asks Americans, “Do you want the USA to follow the LORD?” and believes that our Founding Fathers gave a better plan than Barack Obama.

“Obama has a different vision for America than our Founding Fathers. Americans have to make a decision to follow the LORD and be blessed or to follow the devil and be cursed,” he said.

“Do you know that 180 million Americans don’t want Obamacare… And the reason is because it is non-Christian,” he says.

The pastor is President of USA Christian Ministries. He has a new book coming out in April called, “God’s Plan for the USA”.

“Obama has violated God’s unalienable rights… by forcing people to have death panels, abortion and spying with Obamacare,” he said.

The pastor wants Americans to support the righteous who follow God, not the wicked who are in rebellion to God. The Holy Bible says, “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the LORD? Therefore the wrath of the LORD is upon you.” (2 Chronicles 19:2) In an interview he said, “It is sin to have affection (be glamorized) by those who hate the LORD. The wicked are to be shunned for rebelling against God. As Christians we love all people, but we don’t love (have affection, be glamorized by) the wicked. Do you love with affection Adolf Hitler or Judas? We don’t love them for following the devil, but we do show love to all people as a Christian. There is a Biblical difference.”

“God wants to restore His blessings to our nation,” the pastor says. “But He is asking Americans… Who will you serve? Will you serve the LORD like our Founding Fathers, or will you serve false gods or do things your own way like the rest of the world?”

The pastor believes that Obama is not part of the Kingdom of God because of Obama’s lying about Obamacare, abortion, covetousness, homosexual and other sins.

“God loves Americans. There is still hope,” he says.

He explained that the Bible teaches that Obama’s homosexual sin brings God’s judgment (Jude 7, 2 Peter 2:6, Leviticus 18:25, Genesis 13:13). He believes that the military is doomed because of homosexual sin, and that George Washington court martialled homosexuals so God would bless the USA.

The pastor called Americans to have faith and to continue in America’s first works of covenant, standing up for God’s unalienable rights, including God in government, and making disciples of Americans.

He asks radio and TV stations to air “God’s State of the Union” to help draw the nation to God.

To bring God’s blessings, he says to pray: “Father, the USA follows You. We seek You and obey the Holy Bible with all our heart and soul. Jesus is King. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

“Where Jesus is King it means the curse is removed. His blood forgives a nation’s sin,” he said.

He believes, “The debt will go away by following Jesus Christ.” The Bible says that God allows famine when a nation sins in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14.

“God’s Plan for the USA” is available for pre-order, along with a daily prayer email and a free brochure and church bulletin insert from his new book.

“Each person deciding that the USA follows the LORD brings God’s blessings to Americans,” he said in an interview.

He hopes that Americans will see that deciding to follow the LORD as a nation is how to heal our land.

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