Kim Davis 2015 Person of the Year

Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who was unconstitutionally jailed for obeying God rather than issuing same-sex marriage licenses, has been named 2015 Person of the Year by Rev. Steven Andrew. The pastor leads USA Christian Church, is author of “God’s Plan for the USA” and inspires millions of people by social media, a daily email and other ministries.

2015 Person of the Year

“Davis was selected because she did what was right before God rather than listen to man,” said the pastor. “America’s founding fathers would applaud Davis for insisting to have Christian religious liberty and obeying her conscience. America’s priority has always been liberty for Christians. This is seen by our founders putting the Holy Bible and Christian prayer in schools, George Washington court martialing homosexuals from the military and many other Christian works.”

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore, tied as runners up for 2015 Person of the Year, according to the popular pastor.

Huckabee proved the Supreme Court can’t make a same-sex marriage law since the Constitution allows only Congress to make laws with the president signing them. In February, Judge Moore ordered Alabama’s probate judges not to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. “Huckabee and Moore show God the USA honors Him,” said the pastor.

Huckabee is the only 2016 presidential candidate to get an “A” grade on the pastor’s American Christian Voting Guide. Using Biblical criteria, the guide determines which candidate God would bless the USA the most with. After Huckabee, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz get “B” grades. Failing to meet God’s requirements are Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, according to the guide.

The pastor explained the Bible teaches those in rebellion to God are in danger of losing their souls to hell where the worm doesn’t die, but God will forgive anyone by Jesus’ blood.

“To go to Heaven, you must follow Jesus Christ,” the pastor said.

“God says Davis is right. Gay sin is also a national security threat, bringing certain destruction (2 Peter 2:6, Jude 7, Leviticus 18:25),” he continued.

“Every Christian baker, florist, student, coach and others who have been unconstitutionally treated are God’s people of the year,” he said.

The pastor’s book, “God’s Plan for the USA,” has been called a must read for every Christian and pastor. The inspiring book provides the Biblical roadmap to heal our nation with 7 Bible Truths that will save the USA from destruction for our sins; it shows the First Amendment forbids making a law against Christians and reveals the secrets how to end Christian persecution.