Laws Against Christians Are Illegal

God and the Constitution say that laws against Christians are illegal, explains Rev. Steven Andrew in the new nation-saving book, God’s Plan for the USA. The pastor leads USA Christian Church and is inspiring people to stand up for our God-given rights like our founders did. This knowledge of our unalienable rights is important to end the persecution of Christians and to have liberty like our founding fathers.

The pastor who shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ with millions of people is known as a faithful Bible teacher. Acts 5:29 says, “We ought to obey God, rather than man.”

The First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law… prohibiting the free exercise of religion [Christianity]…”

“I hope every Christian and pastor will bravely insist that our civil servants obey God and the Constitution since we want God to bless the USA,” he said. “Mike Huckabee said the Constitution does not allow the Supreme Court to make a law. Only Congress can make a law and a president signs it. This means same-sex marriage is not law.”

“The Constitution is important because it protects our God-given rights; every American knows it tells us that laws against Christians are illegal,” he continued. “Our founders put the Holy Bible in school, prayed and read the Bible in government, favored Christianity, and Georeg Washington commanded the military to attend Christian church. The book covers current events with Biblical insight, while seasoned throughout the pages are our Christian founding fathers’ Biblical wisdom.

God’s Plan for the USA gives God’s answer for the USA’s future. The non-fiction work gives Biblical proof that the USA is already in God’s judgment for our great sins. It gives seven signs of God’s judgment that people must know about. In fact, the USA has been on the brink of destruction because of our national disobedience to God, which is the reason why we people are concerned; we must turn to God and this book shows the step-by-step action plan.

By years of prayer and seeking God, the pastor has found 7 Bible Truths that save the USA from destruction by God’s final judgment. The book of hope shares these most important 7 Bible Truths that everyone needs to know so the USA to survives, protect our loved ones from terrorism, heal our land and make the USA great again.

You can get a free chapter, which is the riveting wake up call introduction for the Bible-based book.

.Laws against Christians are illegal