Watch this special sermon: how to pray for America video. It includes The USA’s Covenant with God Prayer and Communion Service.

Do you want the USA to follow the Lord? Then re-affirm covenant that:

The USA follows the LORD, obeying the Holy Bible with all our hearts and souls.

Join Pastor Steven Andrew and Americans in following the LORD as a covenant Christian nation. Pastor Steven Andrew is bringing hope to America.

To re-affirm covenant by communion, he asks to be like our Founders, say I am on the Lord’s side and:

1) Serve the Lord only;
2) Include God in government, schools, courts and the military;
3) Have the Holy Bible and Christian prayer in schools;
4) Vote only for Christians-who serve our Republic-and obey the Constitution;
5) Be a pro-life nation;
6) Be a God’s Marriage (man and woman) only nation, also no adultery and no fornication;
7) Fight only just wars (defensive);
8) Give money to the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
9) Work for our own food/needs;
10) Have Christian love fill our nation;
11) Follow pastors that are faithful-calling for repentance;
12) Obey the Holy Bible.