In the riveting books “Save America” and “Jesus Makes America Great,” Steven Andrew explains God’s step-by-step plan to restore God’s protection and end God’s judgment on the nation. To heal our land, Andrew leads One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side and is pastoring the USA.

We Are in a National Emergency

People’s lives and families are at stake, from the division, political swamp, danger of a financial collapse and terrorism. “The Bible teaches these troubles are the consequences of our national sins in God’s judgment,” Andrew said. InĀ “Save America” and “Jesus Makes America Great,” he provides the Biblical answer that ends God’s judgment.

“God blesses obedience and judges disobedience,” said Andrew.

“God is holy. In God’s righteousness and justice, the nation has seen judgment for false gods, homosexuality, abortion, the occult and other sins,” he explained. Israel was “carried… captive to Assyria” for their disobedience for these same sins (2 Kings 15:29 KJV). We know “the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven; And he overthrew those cities…” (Genesis 19:24 KJV).

“We are in a national emergency situation, because sin is the greatest danger to the USA,” Andrew said. The Bible says, “when the land sinneth against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch out mine hand upon it” (Ezekiel 13:14 KJV).

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7 Bible Truths End God’s Judgment

However, God gives us a way out explained Andrew. “The good news is our founding fathers dedicated the USA to God, and God mercifully remembers our nation’s covenant.”

“The only way for us to save the country and to end all our troubles is to re-affirm our covenant that the USA serves the Lord,” he continued.

There are 7 Bible Truths for you to agree with and they make the USA great again (2 Chronicles 15 and 34, Mark 12:30). Readers discover the details in “Save America” and “Jesus Makes America Great”.

Andrew calls the nation to humble ourselves and turn to God by following these 7 Bible Truths. He asks:

Will you agree in covenant that you and the USA:

1. Serve the LORD, not false gods.

2. Seek God with all our heart and soul.

3. Obey the Holy Bible.

4. Have no king but King Jesus.

5. Make disciples of the USA.

6. Turn away from everything against Jesus Christ.

7. Restore the Cross and receive forgiveness for the USA’s sins.

Jesus Christ is Lord of the USA

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Andrew says, “always remember God is holy. He is to be honored by each of us and the USA.”

To save the USA, Andrew asks you to join with other faithful Americans and pray the USA’s covenant with God.

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