To save millions of lives and the USA, Steven Andrew is launching 25 Ministries to turn the USA to God. He is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side.

The Bible shows that the USA is in a national emergency.

  • People are in danger
  • Many could die or lose everything
  • We must protect ourselves and our loved ones

The political corruption, division, riots, foreigners flooding in and economic dangers show that our national sins have caused God’s judgment. But there are greater dangers.

False gods, homosexual sin, trusting in man instead of God and abortion are the greatest dangers to our national security. According to the Bible, these sins can result in captivity, invasion or removal of the nation, as happened to Israel.

  • Those who forget God and “walk after other gods… shall surely perish” (Deuteronomy 8:19 KJV).
  • God says, Sodom and Gomorrah “giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire” (Jude 7 KJV).
  • God’s judgment for same-sex marriage could be brimstone and fire, a nuclear war, or other destruction (Genesis 19:24).

We must:

  • Save our children’s souls from hell, because they are learning about sin in schools.
  • Make the USA great again, which is to follow Jesus Christ.
  • Defend Christianity as a nation like our founding fathers.
  • Prevent an economic collapse and have better jobs.

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The nation must turn to God now

God sent Steven Andrew to save the USA. The last 8+ years Andrew has separated himself to God to save our Christian nation by turning the USA to God and leading the nation to repentance. He says, “Because of God’s mercy, we are seeing some of God’s favor restored, but there is much more needed. The nation must put Jesus Christ first place like our founders to get people’s lives out of danger.”

Nothing else will work but re-affirming covenant that the USA serves the LORD. This restores God’s favor, ends the national emergency, and get people’s lives out of danger. The 7 parts of our Christian covenant are explained in detail in Andrew’s new book, “Jesus Makes America Great”. They are to:

  1. Re-affirm: The LORD is the God of the USA and Americans are His people
  2. Seek God with all our heart and all our soul
  3. Obey the Holy Bible with all our heart and all our soul
  4. Have no king but King Jesus
  5. Make disciples of the USA
  6. Turn away from everything against Jesus Christ
  7. Restore the cross in our personal lives and for the USA
    and receive forgiveness for the USA’s sins by the sacrifice of Jesus

25 powerful ministries

That is why God called Steven Andrew to build 25 ministries to teach the nation. These ministries are:

  1. Reaffirm Our Founders’ Covenant with God
  2. Demand Christian Religious Liberty – Top priority of America, Ends the persecution of Christians
  3. Insist to have our God-given rights
  4. Christian Government
  5. Traditional Marriage Only
  6. The Bible and Christian Prayer in Schools
  7. Remove “Separation of Church and State” Lie
  8. Nationwide Prayer and Fasting (Wednesdays)
  9. National Day of Prayer Revival Force – Help make tools, brochures, and videos
  10. Fill the USA with the Word of God
  11. One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side
  12. The American Disciple Making Team – Make disciples and raise up godly generations
  13. TV Ministry
  14. Daily Prayer for Government
  15. Pro-life Nation
  16. Evangelism
  17. Christian Media
  18. Prayer Center
  19. Youth Outreaches
  20. Revival Force
  21. Evangelical Revival Center
  22. 1000 Pastors to Pastor the USA
  23. Christians Uniting to Save the USA
  24. New strong Christian TV Station
  25. Equip Churches – Provides tools and resources to equip pastors and strengthen churches

Ministry results are already happening and include:

  • President Trump standing up for our Christian nation, quoting the Bible, promising to “destroy the Johnson Amendment” that silences non-profit churches, and being pro-life.
  • People nationwide declaring: Jesus Christ is Lord of the USA.
  • Steven Andrew leading Christians across the nation to stand up that marriage is one man and one woman only.
  • Daily praying and working for a Christian government from school boards to federal representatives, like our founders say to do.
  • 1.2 million people praying to become Christians or to rededicate their lives to God (estimation and believed accurate).
  • Christians uniting the USA in Christ.
  • More…

We need your help

The cost for the first phase to effectively launch these 25 powerful ministries costs $5.7 million. Our goal is to raise the first $25,000 by March 31st.

Will you give what you can, large or small?

The fixing the economy and the problems in Washington won’t go away without reaffirming covenant that the LORD is the God of the USA and that we follow God’s Word as a nation.

Launching these 25 ministries is an urgent need, because our lives, children, the country, and our national identity are at stake. To have the USA as a strong Christian nation is a great asset for God and brings God’s blessings and abundance to our lives.


Those who contribute $20 or more will receive a special thank you gift of Steven Andrew’s new book “Jesus Makes America Great”. To give by mail click here. 


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