Minister Steven Andrew

Save the USA. Defend Christianity. Share the Gospel.

STEVEN ANDREW is pastor of USA Christian Church and leads One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side. He helps people know God and be strong Christians. God sent Andrew to save the USA. To save the USA and to defend Christianity, he is building 25 ministries, works with leading pastors, and answers today’s most perplexing challenges with Biblical wisdom.

Andrew is a respected Christian leader reaching millions of people. He is the author of riveting and inspirational books that give the exact step-by-step Biblical plan to save the USA:

Andrew loves the USA and has a compassionate, God-given care for every American. In 2008 Rev. Steven Andrew saw the many, great dangers that our beloved nation faced. Issues affecting our survival. Christians were not being honored and the nation was not exalting Jesus Christ, like before. Since the settlers planted a tall wooden cross and covenanted America to God “to all generations,” the land of the free and the home of the brave was established to put God first.

This led Andrew to seek God with prayer and fasting to find God’s answers to solve the nation’s problems. That was when he made the decision to pastor the USA by getting the nation back to what our founders established and believed. Christian religious liberty is the USA’s top priority! And it is what God blesses.

Liberty, abundance and our national security are a result of following Jesus Christ and as a nation. True Americans know that we have God-given rights as the Declaration of Independence says and the Constitution protects.

Now, Steven Andrew is seeing great revival, with people making decisions to follow God as their top priority, all glory to God! To unite the top group of Americans and to save the USA, he started One Million Americans on the LORD’s side.

After God revealed the key to heal our land is to do what our founding fathers did so our country pleases God, Steven Andrew has been calling the nation to re-affirm our founders’ covenant that the LORD is the God of the USA and Americans are His people. Also, because of our many sins, he leads the nation often in asking God to forgive our sins.

By the 25 ministries of USA Christian Church, Steven Andrew works diligently to:

  • Protect Christians
  • Defend Christianity
  • Unite the USA in Christ
  • Stand up that marriage is one man and one woman only
  • Call for a Christian nation government like our founders believed
  • Put the Bible and Christian prayer back in school
  • And for our nation to do all of God’s ways…

Andrew has great hope for the USA, because when we realize that sin is the real problem we face, then we can turn from our wicked ways and have times of refreshing from the LORD. God is good. Following Him is how we restore His blessings of liberty, better jobs, national security and peace.


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Mission – What is Being Accomplished

The mission of USA Christian Church consists of

Unite the USA in Christ

  • Share Jesus in national outreaches through TV, radio and the Internet
  • Offer discipleship programs and tools
  • Partner with pastors, chaplains and mission ministries across the USA

Lead the Nation To Repentance

  • National and personal outreach (TV, Radio, Internet, Print…)
  • Repentance of the USA’s sins
  • Integrate God’s Word to daily American life
  • Reach the unsaved

Seek God First in Government to bless the USA

  • Work with Government to ensure Jesus Christ is acknowledged as King of the USA, as Psalm 47 and our Founding Fathers established
  • Work with the Tea Party and others who want a just government, ruling on the fear of God
  • Provide counsel, prayer and God’s love to Federal, State and local US Governments and schools

Ministry Keys

  • The Nation living out The USA’s Covenant with God (Psalm 33:12)
  • Receiving national forgiveness because God is satisfied with Jesus’ sacrifice for the USA’s sins (1 John 1:7)
  • “Standing in the gap” for God’s mercy (Ezekiel 22:30)


  • Wednesdays prayer and fasting to Get the USA Right with God and for God to Deliver the USA from tyranny
  • Over one million salvations and rededications to God – all glory to God
  • Upcoming “One Nation Under God” TV Show Nation-wide Launch
  • National / International Media Coverage
  • Leader in National Day of Prayer and 4th of July Nation-wide Prayer Events
  • Vote Exodus 18:21 election outreach
  • Leading Nation-wide Effort for Christians to Register and Vote Based on God’s Word
  • Strengthen Marriages and Families in Christ
  • Daily USA Prayer Email
  • More…

Your Prayer and Support Will Help Get America Back on Track

Only turning to Jesus can heal the USA. Please consider becoming a monthly partner as we need your help. Your support goes to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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